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Digital experience optimization

Cross-functional stake = multiple gains

While digital experience concerns all the stakeholders in any web project, optimizing it brings benefits at many levels.

#Business growth

Conversions, SEO, traffic or branding: here’s an overview of the main areas impacted by digital experience optimization.

Augmenter vos taux de conversion

Increase your conversion rates

Improving your users' digital experience and satisfaction levels leads to higher levels of engagement, and therefore higher conversion rates (whatever those conversions may be). This significant correlation has been proved by numerous case studies. Among appYuser customers, the average increase achieved reaches 16%.
Améliorer l'expérience utilisateur

Enhance User Experience

Web page loading speed is an essential component of the user experience. appYuser measures the loading times actually experienced by your visitors and then calculates from this data the appYdex, an index revealing their level of satisfaction (or frustration). This makes it a valuable tool for measuring and improving UX. The average increase in appYdex recorded by appYuser customers is 0.2 points.
Maintenir votre e-réputation

Grow your brand image

Your brand image also needs to be preserved and nurtured online, in the eyes of your website visitors! With appYuser, you can check that you're offering them a great digital experience, while minimizing the number of frustrating visits. On average, our customer satisfaction index increases by 0.2 points.
Contrôler le respect de vos SLA

Monitor/improve SLA compliance

Compliance with your service commitments requires precise metrics selected for their relevance. When it comes to digital experience and web performance, appYuser is one of the only platforms on the market to provide everything you need (field data and monitoring tools) to control, secure and improve compliance with your SLAs.
Optimiser votre référencement

Optimize your SEO

Core Web Vitals, UX indicators, Google bots speed to crawl your pages... appYuser monitors all these factors in the field, giving you the keys improve significantly your SEO performance.
analytics picto

Boost your analytics (traffic, bounce rate, etc.)

By improving your website's digital experience with appYuser, many other dimensions of your analytics are positively impacted: increased number of visits and page views per visit, lower bounce rate, etc.

Customers experiences

#Technology #Environnement

In addition to business performance, using the appYuser solution also brings other benefits…

imapct environnemental

Monitor & Reduce your environmental footprint

appYuser is currently the only platform that enables you to monitor technical, UX and environmental performance simultaneously. Thanks to exhaustive indicators in line with the latest European standards (PEF), our solution enables you to improve your website's environmental footprint, contribute to your CSR commitments and, at the same time, arbitrate these evolutions against your business performance.
Réduire le temps de résolution de crise

Cut crisis resolution times

Thanks to its web performance monitoring features, its alert system and diagnostic tools, appYuser can dramatically reduce crisis resolution times. On average, these are divided by 7 for appYuser customers.
objectif challenge

Incentivize & challenge your service providers

With its ultra-relevant (and field-measured) indicators for digital experience and environmental footprint, appYuser provides you with new tools for setting objectives for your technical service providers, and monitoring their compliance from the very start of production.
Optimiser vos performances web

Improve Web Performance

appYuser's analysis and diagnostic features enable you to quickly identify areas for improvement in your web performance... The benefits are both business and technical: better risk management and anticipation, more reliable production start-ups, optimized infrastructure costs, etc.

Measuring the impact of technical developments

Thanks to its indicators for measuring the digital experience and user satisfaction, appYuser enables you to measure the impact of your technical upgrades in real time (and in the field), to see how they have improved or, to take a step backwards following a release that degraded the digital experience.
reduction coût

Reduce your performance monitoring costs

Let appYuser take care of your performance! Our 24-hour monitoring of your digital experience, combined with our alerting system, frees up your teams to monitor your technical performance. Moreover, the ease of use of our platform means you don't need to call on expert support.

Customers Experiences

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