appYuser Features

Monitor & Optimize

A cross-functional platform that measures the web performance of your sites and assesses the impact on the digital experience of all users. Uncover opportunities for improvement that offer the best return on investment (ROI).

Digital Experience monitoring

Real User Monitoring

Effectively capture 100% of real-time traffic by implementing a non-intrusive, cookie-free script on your pages. Gather data from all your visitors, regardless of their circumstances and usage patterns.

Digital Experience: appYdex computing

An exclusive index designed to give the most accurate picture of your visitors' level of satisfaction and the quality of the digital experience delivered by your application.


Web performance evolution, satisfaction levels, business and ecological impacts...

Data storage & processing

appYuser processes 100% of the raw data resulting from collection (billions of data each year) in compliance with GDPR, with no storage of personal data.

Analyse & diagnosis

Contextual analysis

By page, geographic location, browser, OS, segment (network, host, application, client device)...

Smart Tests

Automatic identification of the most common user contexts, and the most relevant test plan.

User Journeys

Dynamic analysis of your customer paths and critical pages.

Measuring impacts

Impacts on conversion

Analysis of the correlation between your web performance, visitor satisfaction and conversion rates. Calculation of earnings opportunities.

appYuser conversion

SEO Impacts

Core Web Vitals, UX indicators, Google Bots crawl speed, etc. Track the SEO impact of your web performance.

Environnemental impact

appYuser integrates an exclusive module for assessing the environmental impact of your website, providing a wide range of information: an environmental performance indicator standardized according to the PEF (Product Environment Footprint) method, calculation of the overall footprint and by life cycle stage (LCA), the level of gas emissions (GWP) and water use (WU)... appYuser provides you with all the information you need to ensure that your websites combine technical, economic and ecological performance!

AI modules & Alerts

Customizable Alerts

Save time, set up multi-criteria alerts and define your own trigger thresholds for immediate notification of regression, critical problems or significant business impacts.

AI Modules

The appYuser platform embeds artificial intelligence functionalities, including an "expert" module and a predictive system based on deep learning.