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The cross-functional SaaS solution to optimize digital experience

Empower your digital team to collaboratively:

  • Gauge web performance, user experience and satisfaction firsthand.
  • Assess the impact on business, marketing, and the environment.
  • Swiftly identify the most lucrative enhancements for immediate implementation.

appYuser for IT

Become proactive in anticipating crises and significantly reduce response time. Foster collaboration across departments by using shared metrics. Showcase optimization impact.

appYuser for Marketing

Assess the impact of web performance and digital experience on conversion, traffic and SEO, while identifying crucial optimization opportunities. Gain insights into the genuine satisfaction levels of all your website users.

appYuser for Operations

Enhance your dashboards with a dependable digital experience and user satisfaction metric. Quantify its impact on your business and foster team awareness. Maintain control over your online brand image.

Real User Monitoring 100%

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appYuser utilizes Real User Monitoring (RUM) technology to collect comprehensive information about each website visit. It uses a script embedded in your web pages, ensuring cookie-free data capture. The data is stored and processed to present valuable insights to your teams via our online platform.

Get the first results in a few hours

Follow these 4 quick steps and enhance your digital performance

1. Setup & Start monitoring

5 minutes setup

Get your tracking script as soon as you sign up, add it to your web pages and you're done! appYuser instantly starts collecting data on your site's visits.

instant collect

Once the script has been implemented, appYuser automatically collects browsing data from all your visitors and computes key indicators in real time, such as the level of digital experience delivered to your users (appYdex) and your site's environmental impact.

2. Analyze & Get the first insights

Pinpoint the most critical contexts

appYuser lets you filter your data according to a wide range of criteria (location, device, browser, OS, consulted pages, etc.) to detect the poorest digital experiences. In the blink of an eye, your best optimization opportunities are spotted!

Quickly identify root causes

Scan your slowest pages with the powerful diagnostic tools provided by appYuser, dig deep into all the technical data collected in the field and isolate in the fastest possible time the causes of the most critical slowdowns for your visitors' digital experience.

3. Optimize & Evaluate the impact

Optimize & Measure progress in the field

Measure the real impact of your corrections and optimizations in the field as soon as they go into production and make adjustments for optimum efficiency.

Evaluate impact on conversions

appYuser enables you to precisely assess the impact of the digital experience provided to your visitors on your conversion rate and thus calculate the potential gains (and ROI) of your optimizations.

4. Monitor & Setup your alerts

Keeping a close eye on your performance

No more risk of your web performance degrading without being aware of it. AppYuser monitors all visits to your site 24/7. You won't miss a single variation!

Custom alerts + AI = Optimal reactivity

Set your own thresholds for triggering customized alerts, and minimize your reaction time to any deterioration in performance. And to go even further, our AI modules enable you to detect low signals at a glance and even anticipate risks.